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At Prodigy Executive Search, we offer client companies and candidates integrity, personal attention, confidentiality, and qualified candidates in record time because of an intensely focused approach to executive recruitment.

We Specialize in the Recruitment of Industrial Capital Equipment Professionals and Executives

Our executive job search consultants focus on industries in which they have served as executives, and therefore are familiar not only with the players in their respective markets but also with the personal characteristics that determine who has the highest probability to succeed in any given position.Our vetting process investigates a candidate’s experience, performance, and achievements, and delves into attitudes, aptitudes, and personality traits that characterize a peak performer.

We do not deluge you with resumes or promise overnight results. We do, however, commit to searching thoroughly that pool of passive candidates who always perform at the top of their class. As a result, you are relieved of the burden of the search process and can focus on the cultural fit of our candidates within your company. Prodigy Executive Search gives you results, not just promises.

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Machine Tool Industry

Prodigy Executive Search is a boutique firm specializing in the industrial capital equipment industry.  Our particular niche is  the machine tool industry. Due to the volatile nature of the industry, we follow and keep up-to-date with as many industry participants as possible, as it is becoming more and more difficult to identify and recruit passive candidates.  When considering changing companies, today’s typical candidate values stability more than potential growth or status.

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