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Count on our executive job search consultants in Charlotte, North Carolina, to find the perfect candidates for your growing company. At Prodigy Executive Search, we specialize in identifying, qualifying, and recruiting premium candidates for the industrial capital equipment market, and more specifically, the machine tool industry. We focus on middle management to C-level searches, including most disciplines, but primarily sales and engineering talent. Searches can be conducted either on a retained or contingency basis, depending on the level of search, difficulty of the assignment, and/or the preference of our clients.

executive searchAt Prodigy Executive Search, we limit the number of searches that we undertake at any one time in order to give you the attention and the results that you deserve. In addition, we focus very narrowly on our target industries in order to ensure that we have an in-depth understanding of the macro and microeconomics of these industries, sectors, and companies, that we know the key players, understand the job requirements, and have a solid sense of the personality traits that characterize stellar performers.

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The Prodigy Difference

Twenty-five years of experience in the capital equipment industry, including stints as President and CEO of several companies, gives me the ability not only to identify, but also to recruit, the most qualified people for your company–no matter what the economic environment. Few industries are as economically sensitive as the capital goods industry.  Not only are the highs and lows dramatic, but the change from boom to bust can occur rapidly and catch the unprepared flat-footed.  Similarly, the employment market can turn from candidate-driven to employer-driven within a few months.

Although the recession theoretically ended in mid-2009, we have yet to experience a strong bounce back in either economic growth or employment.  Structural unemployment, however, is a factor impacting the ability of companies to fill positions as easily as one would normally expect.  The stagnation of the housing market is another factor influencing employees to stay put, rather than to seek better opportunities.  Our company is able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of our clients, keeping the end in mind at all times–to ensure good matches between our companies and candidates.

“I’ll find you the best candidate regardless of the economic environment.”

Joe Norwood

CEO, Prodigy Executive Search

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